VPI Pet Insurance

VPIPetInsuranceAccidents and illnesses happen to pets just as readily as they do in children. And though advances in veterinarymedicine help treat and cure many conditions, the costs of these treatments are increasing. What would you do if

your pet got sick or hurt today? Would you have enough in savings to cover the veterinary costs? VPI Pet Insurance can help you pay for your pet’s veterinary expenses. VPI Pet Insurance is offering Georgia State University students, staff, and retirees a 5% group discount on coverage per pet up to a discount of 15% for three eligible pets.

Pet insurance also provides a financial safety net for unexpected veterinary expenses. With pet insurance, you can focus on giving your pet the best care possible, instead of focusing on the cost of treatment. VPI has a variety of plans to choose from with coverage for preventive care, accidents, illnesses and diseases, including cancer.

Log on to the site to find out more information about coverage:

  • www.petsvpi.com
  • Under “Search for Your Company,” start typing in Georgia State University. Once you see it in the box, click the “Search” button.

You can also call 877-PETS-VPI (877-738-7874 ). Simply mention that you are with Georgia State University. You will be billed directly for this benefit.