Aspiring Leaders Certificate (ALC)



This certificate provides the knowledge and skills essential for individuals wanting to know more about leadership. It provides an individual a better understanding of leadership before they venture into any leadership situation.

Program Content

Competencies for this certificate were identified through a review of GSU’s strategic plan, discussions with aspirational universities, the Staff Development and Advancement Committee, online research, the University System of Georgia Board of Regents Leadership Competency model, and feedback from focus groups composed of GSU employees.

The certificate program consists of seven required courses. Courses are delivered via both classroom (instructor-led training – ILT) and online (Skillport). Coursework must be completed within a two-year window.


Some of the courses require a registration fee. You can expect to invest $375 in earning this certificate.

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Core Courses (must complete all)

This interactive program will teach you the essentials of the leadership process and help you earn respect as a trusted leader. It shows you how to master the five roles of a leader: role model, visionary, motivator, coach and change agent. It builds your skills in setting the example, the agenda, the direction, and the expectations for others to follow. It deepens your skills in engaging, influencing, and inspiring others to follow your lead and do their best. It strengthens your ability to delegate, coach, and hold others accountable for improved performance. It will help you build a unified team of committed high-performing colleagues. Classroom/$150
Do you pay attention to your emotions and the feelings of those around you? The answer to this question can help you discover how in tune you are with your emotions and help determine your emotional intelligence quotient (EQ). Your emotional intelligence quotient is your capacity to reason and analyze emotional information. Becoming aware of your emotions can help you become attuned to your own needs and the needs of others and can help you make better decisions and develop better relationships. This course explores the power of emotions and the concept of emotional intelligence. It also discusses emotional intelligence competencies in areas of self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and relationship management. Classroom/No Registration Fee.
Highly successful teams have members who exhibit certain key characteristics, including an honest and fair approach, personal integrity, and a positive attitude. But two personal qualities are particularly crucial for a member of a high-performance team: a healthy level of trust in others and a sense of commitment to the team. In the early stages of team development, leaders must set up structures and processes that support the development of these team characteristics. This course offers strategies used to build trust based on encouraging honest, accountable, fair, and positive behavior. The course also provides leaders with strategies that help increase team member commitment, such as being supportive, making members feel secure, providing interesting work, and acknowledging contributions and achievements. By using these strategies, team leaders can develop a cohesive team that works together to reach its goals. SkillPort (online)
What makes a person creative? Do you consider yourself creative? Certain personal characteristics have been linked with creativity – for example, a willingness to take risks, the ability to connect diverse ideas, and open-mindedness. And most important, perhaps, is believing that you are creative. Many people get stuck because they think 'I'm not a creative person.' But everyone has creative potential. Understanding the characteristics you possess that boost your creativity and those that inhibit it can help you enhance your creative output in the workplace. This course explores the essential attributes of a creative person. It also describes barriers to creativity and how to overcome these. In addition, it demonstrates how you can enhance your creativity in the workplace. SkillPort (online)
Leadership in your community, association or organization demands effective presentation skills. Every cause needs a leader. Every leader needs to be able to stand up and deliver a clear and inspiring message. The team and followers will often judge the leader and the cause on the presentation skills of that spokesperson. This course is designed to help you overcome these and other challenges when delivering a presentation to any audience. You will learn how to: prepare a speech; correctly practice for a speech; deliver with impact; and make a speech memorable. Classroom/$150
This interactive course will help you build strong business relationships with associates inside and outside your office or department and with customers. It will help you make a positive first impression and provide techniques to continue being positive and professional in daily work activities. The course will show you how to meet and greet others, perform appropriately in the work environment and use technology effectively. In addition, you will learn how to communicate with others in a positive manner when challenging situations arise inside the office and with other departments and customers. Classroom/$75
Do you sometimes think, “If I can do it, anyone can”? Do you shy away from taking on even greater challenges because of nagging self-doubt? Even though people are often very successful by external standards, they may feel their success is due to some mysterious fluke or luck or some other external force. They may be afraid their achievements are due to “breaks” and not the result of their own ability and competence. This course will introduce you to the Imposter Phenomenon, a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize and accept their success. You will learn the negative impacts of this phenomenon. You’ll walk away with practical strategies for interrupting the Impostor Phenomenon that you can start using immediately. By applying these simple but powerful techniques, you’ll finally be able to begin to see yourself as the bright, competent person you really are! Classroom/No Registration Fee