Health and Wellness

Georgia State University offers a wide array of health and wellness plans for each employee and their family members.  In this section you will find information on medical, dental, vision, flexible spending accounts, and disability plans. You will also find information on our Long Term Care Insurance policy and information on healthcare coverage once you leave the University.

DocTalk Webinars - BlueCross BlueShield Participants

Doc Talk Webinars is a series of free webinars about important health topics to help you and your family become better informed on the most recent information.  DocTalk is online so it’s easy access – and it’s free for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia members. Visit the web-site to learn more: . This site will also provide further information on additional wellness topics.

Upcoming Webinars:

May 13, 2014              11:00 a.m.      Substance Abuse
May 13, 2014                2:00 p.m.      Substance Abuse
August 26, 2014         11:00 a.m.       Obesity and Weight Management
August 26, 2014           2:00 p.m.       Obesity and Weight Management
November 11, 2014    11:00 a.m.       Telemedicine
November 11, 2014      2:00 p.m.       Telemedicine

BlueCross BlueShield Wellness Flyer – Cold and Flu Prevention 

BlueCross BlueShield Summer 2013 Newsletter


  • Updates from your health plan
  • 5 steps to your best summer
  • A better burger recipe
  • Healthy coupons just for you!


Kaiser Permanente September  2013 Newsletter

Kaiser Permanente August  2013 Newsletter

Kaiser Permanente July 2013 Newsletter

We’re pleased to share with you Kaiser Permanente’s 2013 monthly health topic campaign. The campaign is designed to give you resources that enhance the University’s health initiatives, and to give you  the inspiration and tools to be healthier.


Engaging Employees and Building Morale

Engaging Employees and Building Morale

Whether you are looking to engage in social activities or enhance your professional development, this page offers a variety of resources available to staff who enjoy a balanced work-life.