Delta Dental’s regional office address for correspondence:

Delta Dental Insurance Company
P.O. Box 1809
Alpharetta, GA 30023-1809

Delta Dental’s toll-free phone number for questions:



Delta Dental network dentists file claims for you. You may only need to file a claim when visiting a non-Delta Dental dentist.

Claim Form

Delta Dental offers two plan options — a Base Plan and High Plan. The table below will help you compare your two options.

Delta Dental Base Plan Delta Dental High Plan
In-network In-network
Annual Maximum $1,000 per person* $1,500 per person*
Deductible (Single/Family) $50/$150 $50/$150
Diagnostic/preventive services* 100% 100%
Basic benefit services 80% 80%
Major services** 50% 80%
Orthodontia (child and adult) No coverage 80%
Lifetime orthodontia maximum No coverage $1,000
Dental monthly premiums
Employee Only  $31.06 $38.38
Employee + Child(ren)  $58.98 $72.90
Employee + Spouse  $62.10 $76.72
Family  $99.38 $122.78


For more information on your dental options, check out these. 

Dental FAQs

What is the effective date of my dental coverage?
Your dental coverage is effective the first of the month following your submission of the enrollment form.

Do I have another opportunity to enroll in dental coverage if I do not complete my benefits election form within the first 30 days of employment?
Yes, you can enroll in the Board of Regent dental plan during the annual open enrollment period.

Can I enroll in the Board of Regents dental plan during open enrollment?
Yes, the Board of Regents dental plan is an available plan option during open enrollment.