The University currently offers four options for medical coverage:

  • Consumer Choice HSA — Provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBS), this plan was formerly known as the Health Savings Account (HSA) Open Access POS. This is the only healthcare plan that provides you with access to an HAS.
  • Comprehensive Care — Provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBS), this plan was formerly known as the Open Access POS, and it offers coverage for both in-network and out-of-network providers.
  • BlueChoice HMO — You receive benefits when your care is coordinated by your BCBS primary care physician.
  • Kaiser Permanente (KP) HMO — You receive benefits when your care is coordinated by your KP primary care physician.
  • Prescription Benefits – CVS/Caremark will be the new Pharmacy Benefit Manager for all of the self-insured healthcare plans administered by BCBSGA (Consumer Choice HSA, Comprehensive Care, and BlueChoice HMO). Click here for more Information.
  • EPIC Hearing Plan
  • 1800 MD Tele-Medicine Plan

New employees who are benefits-eligible have 30 days from their date of hire to select a medical plan for themselves and their eligible dependents. Eligible dependents include your spouse and your dependent children up to age 26.

Important Information

On an annual basis, the University offers an open enrollment period, during which employees may change their healthcare plan elections and levels of coverage.

Healthcare FAQ

What is the effective date of my medical coverage?
You have four options to select from when you enroll in medical coverage. Employee/dependent benefits coverage will start no sooner than on the 1st day of the month after enrollment..

Who does GSU consider as an eligible dependent?

An eligible dependent is a legal spouse, domestic partner and/or a dependent child up to the age of 19 (between the ages of 19-26, the dependent must be a full-time student).

Domestic partners and domestic partner dependent children will no longer be eligible for coverage due to the new same sex spouse ruling. A copy of an of cial marriage certi cate and birth certi cate (for children) is needed to add your spouse and dependent children to your coverage.

Do I have another opportunity to enroll in benefits if I do not complete my benefits election within the first 30 days of employment?

You can enroll in some benefits during the next annual benefits open enrollment period. Some benefits are only offered one time (when you are first hired) and you may not add those benefits later if you didn’t select them to begin with. Other benefits may require evidence of insurability if you want to add them later.

Can I make changes to my benefits at anytime during the year?

No, since most benefits are deducted on a pre-tax basis (medical, dental, and vision), you can only make changes during the annual open enrollment period. However, changes may be made if you have a qualifying change in status.

What constitutes a change in status?

A change in status allows you to make midyear changes to your benefits. A change in status affects your benefits eligibility for coverage or the eligibility of your dependents. Some examples of changes in status include legal marital status changes, change in the number of dependents, change in employment status, change in residence, change in dependents eligibility.

When will I receive my insurance card?
Employees typically receive their insurance cards three to four weeks after the election has been entered in the system.

Can I go to the doctor/ dentist immediately or is there a waiting period?

You may access benefits on your effective date of coverage. However, although you may be covered, you will need to allow for a reasonable time to process your enrollment. If it is necessary to access services prior to receiving your insurance card, you may need to pay for the service out-of-pocket and then submit a claim form for reimbursement.