Total Rewards Orientation

Welcome to Georgia State University!

The University System of Georgia offers healthcare, dental, vision and other benefits, as well as retirement plan options to employees working 30 hours per week or more in a benefits eligible position. This seminar is designed to provide detailed information on all benefits plans. All new employees have 30 calendar days from their date of hire to sign up for benefits through the University System of Georgia- OneUSG Connect-Benefits. USG Transfer employees should contact the Benefits Office regarding their benefits enrollment.

Here is a resource that will be helpful to you prior to attending the workshop:


2018 USG Benefits Comparison Guide

Orientations for Downtown Campus is scheduled mainly for every other Tuesday throughout the year.  Please choose a date convenient for you within your 30 day eligibility.  Please click the button below to register.

Eventbrite - New Employee Benefits Orientation

Orientations for Clarkston Campus, please click the button below for registration:

Eventbrite - Total Rewards Orientation - Decatur Campus

Additional Information

Please go to http://managers.hr.gsu.edu/onboarding/new-employee-orientation/ for Panther Tracks New Employee Orientation Information and Registration. This is a separate orientation on the 4th Wednesday of each month, which provides more detail about Georgia State University.