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2013 W-2 Delivery – G0 Paperless!!!

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

You now have the ability to elect to receive an electronic copy of your 2013 W-2 statement instead of receiving your W-2 statement by U.S. postal mail in January 2014.  The University System of Georgia is encouraging employees to elect paperless enrollment for their annual W-2 Statements.

Why Go Paperless?   

The USG supports all GO GREEN initiatives within our system.  Natural resources are saved by not printing and mailing W-2 forms.

  • Sensitive personal information, such as social security numbers, will not be sent through the U.S. postal mail.
  • Probably the most important reason to go paperless is that you can access your W-2 statement earlier than receiving the W-2 statement in the mail.

Follow the instructions in the “Go Paperless” attachment to elect to receive an electronic W-2 statement.  Should you prefer to continue receiving your W-2 through the postal mail, please ensure that the address on file is current.  You can review and update your address by following the instructions in the “Address Drive” attachment.

If you have previously elected to receive an electronic copy of your W-2, you do not have to do it again.  Your election is still active.

Please contact the University System of Georgia Shared Services Center if you have questions or concerns by emailing or call toll free at 1-855-214-2644.

Thank you,

USG Shared Services Center
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Sandersville, GA 31082
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