Tobacco Cessation Programs

Tobacco-Cessation-WebThe office of Employee Development and Wellness Services offers a Tobacco Cessation Program for smokers wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. The program design consists of:

Four Week Schedule

Week 1 – “DECIDE TO QUIT”: This session is an introduction to the Freshstart program. You will learn about the hazards of tobacco smoke and the benefits of quitting.
Week 2 – “PLAN TO QUIT”: This session is to prepare you for your quit attempt. You will identify sources of support and create a quit plan.
Week 3 – “YOUR QUIT DAY”: This session focuses on your Quit Day. You will learn how to deal with nicotine withdrawal and rationalizations. You will also learn how to manage stress.
Week 4 – “STAY QUIT”: Deciding to quit is tough. Staying quit is tougher. This session will focus on relapse prevention methods.  You will also learn how to recover from slips and learn more information on the benefits of quitting tobacco.

Eight Week Schedule

CHECK-IN: Check-ins are informal meetings when you report your progress on quitting tobacco and receive support in the program.