Employee Tuition Assistance Program FAQ

Are dependents of faculty and staff eligible to participate in the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)?
TAP benefits are currently only offered to full time faculty and staff members of GSU.

Are part-time employees eligible to participate in the TAP program?
All full-time employees who are eligible for benefits and who have completed their six-month provisional period at the University are eligible to apply for this benefit.

What is the waiting period to participate in the program?
Full time employees are eligible to participate in the TAP program after they have completed their six months probationary period.

How many courses are offered under the TAP program?
Eligible employees can take up to nine credit hours of undergraduate or graduate courses per term at any of the 35 public institutions under the University System of GA.

Are there any courses or programs that are excluded under the TAP program?
Yes, the following professional schools: dental, law, medical, and pharmacy are ineligible programs.

Can employees register for the classes under the TAP program at any time?
Employees must register for classes during the designated “employee registration period” only.

Can I attend an institution outside the USG or a technical school?
Employees must choose among the 35 public institutions under the USG.

Are executive/ premiere graduate programs eligible?
Professional executive/premiere graduate programs such as Executive MBA are ineligible under the TAP program.