Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, and Workers Comp

Social Security & Medicare (FICA)

Mandatory federal FICA contributions of 1.45% are withheld from your total gross wages for Medicare. You also contribute 6.2% of your gross wages for Social Security, up to a maximum salary of $106,800. The maximum Social Security Contribution is $6,621.60.

We’d like to remind you to review your Social Security Statement online. The Statement has important Social Security information and, if applicable, estimates of your future benefits.

If you are working, we encourage you to check your Statement yearly to make sure your earnings record is correct. The Statement also will help in planning your financial future.

To enroll or view your most recent Statement, please visit and sign into your account.



Georgia State University is a covered employer under the provisions for the Unemployment Compensation Law.


Worker’s Compensation

All employees of the university are covered by the provisions of the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act. This Act provides payments for medical and hospital expenses, temporary or permanent disability compensation and death benefits in the event an employee is injured or killed in an accident while performing his or her official duties. When an accident occurs on the job, the employee must report the accident as soon as possible to the supervisor and the supervisor makes arrangements to report the accident or injury. The report must be completed even if medical treatment is not required. Failure to report the accident promptly could result in failure to receive benefits.