The University System of Georgia offers two dental coverage choices through Delta Dental. 

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Delta Dental offers two plan options — a Base Plan and High Plan. The table below will help you compare your two options.

Delta Dental Base Plan Delta Dental High Plan
In-network In-network
Annual Maximum $1,000 per person* $1,500 per person*
Deductible (Single/Family) $50/$150 $50/$150
Diagnostic/preventive services* 100% 100%
Basic benefit services 80% 80%
Major services** 50% 80%
Orthodontia (child and adult) No coverage 80%
Lifetime orthodontia maximum No coverage $1,000
Dental monthly premiums
Employee Only  $31.60 $39.04
Employee + Child(ren)  $63.18 $78.04
Employee + Spouse  $60.00 $74.16
Family  $101.06 $124.90

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