GSU Voluntary Benefit Plans

Georgia State University provides several GSU specific plans for employees and their dependent to enroll voluntarily.  Enrollment for these plans cannot be completed on the ADP portal.  An enrollment form (links below) must be completed and returned to the Benefits Office via scan, fax or in person in order to enroll.

epichearinglogo  EPIC Hearing Plan 

Your employer has selected EPIC hearing healthcare as part of their commitment to your health and well-being. Our employer-sponsored EPIC program provides a national network of credentialed audiologists and ear physicians, customized care, and savings.

EPIC Infographic                                      ListenHear! 

epic_infographic                                        listen_hear_advocacy_flyer_page_1

To enroll submit the completed application within 30 days of your hire day or during the open period.

nationwidepetinsurancelogo  Pet Insurance- Nationwide

If you have pets, you know that even minor ailments can add up to major veterinary costs. Pet insurance helps take the bite out of vet bills with coverage for injuries, illnesses and preventive care.Best of all, Nationwide® pet insurance is simple to use. Just visit any vet, send us your claim and get reimbursed. Want more details? Check out our “Pet Insurance 101” infographic to learn more.

Pet Insurance 101


To enroll complete the online application for your pet at any time.  Utilize the portal at the link below:

These plans are specific to Georgia State University employees and their dependent(s)to enroll involuntarily.  Enrollment for these plans cannot be completed in the OneUSG portal.