GRA Health Insurance Option

The GRA Healthcare Plan Option is a medical plan offered by the University System of Georgia to Graduate Research Assistants in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Affordable Care Act requires that employers offer coverage to all full-time employees, as defined under the law. Even though USG considers all Graduate Students as part-time employees, due to the challenges in tracking time for Graduate Research Assistants, it was decided that an offer of coverage would be made to Graduate Students with a research component to their job responsibilities.

Graduate Research Assistants also have the option to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) underwritten by United Healthcare of GA or in other coverage available to them through a parent, spouse or thorough the Market Place Exchange. For more information about the health insurance options available to Graduate Research Assistants please visit:

Please carefully consider all of the options available to you before enrolling in coverage.


To enroll in the GRA Healthcare Option log into the OneUSG Connect – Benefits Website through the USG Faculty & Staff Portal using your GSU Campus ID and Password. On the USG Faculty & Staff Portal, Under MANAGE MY BENEFITS:

  1. Click on Single Sign On
  2. Enter your Campus ID and Password

If you need assistance with activating your Campus ID or password changes, please go to or contact the Technology Service Desk at

If you need assistance with completing your enrollment online, contact the OneUSG Connect – Benefits Call Center toll free at 1-844-587-4236.  Call Center Representatives can also help you understand your benefits and eligibility, connect you with benefits providers and update your coverage as a result of a life event.


Coverage through the GRA Healthcare Option will continue through the calendar year unless you become ineligible for coverage (i.e. you graduate or move into another position) or experience a qualifying event. GRA plan coverage continues to the last day of the month in which your GRA position ends and at that time you will be offered the option to enroll in COBRA coverage.  

The GRA Healthcare Option does not meet the Federal Guidelines for international students holding F-1 or J-1 visas. Students holding these visas are not eligible to enroll in the GRA Healthcare Plan.  The annual enrollment period for the GRA Healthcare Option is held in January of each year.  


Please see the Summary of Plan Benefits for the GRA Healthcare Plan Option and a Comparison of the GRA plan to the Student Healthcare Insurance plan for more information about the GRA Healthcare Plan Option.     

For general questions regarding the GRA Healthcare Option please call the Benefits Office at (404)413-3330.