Office Professional Certificate (OPC)



This program targets general office personnel and includes six courses focusing on the knowledge and skills needed by office professionals. Certificate awarded upon completion of curriculum.



Some of the courses require a registration fee. You can expect to invest $575 in earning this certificate.

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This interactive seminar will help you build strong business relationships with associates inside and outside your office or department and with customers. It will help you make a positive first impression and provide techniques to continue being positive and professional in daily work activities. The seminar will show you how to meet and greet others, perform appropriately in the work environment and use technology effectively. In addition, you will learn how to communicate with others in a positive manner when challenging situations arise inside the office and with other departments and customers. Classroom/$75
Writing is part of most people's daily workload and often reflects an employee's value in their work environment. Successful writers effective email messages, memos, letters and reports that help readers gain knowledge, perform desired tasks or respond to specific requests. It also helps to solve problems, manage work assignments and highlight progress. After completing this course, you will have an arsenal of tips, tools and techniques that improves your writing skills. You will also have a writing system that complements your writing preference, whether manual, online or both. Classroom/$75
What Did You Say? This course is designed to improve interpersonal communications with all people. Utilizing the DiSC Profile as a foundation for discussion, participants will have an opportunity to identify their dominant personality style and the way it translates into their communication style. Additionally, this course provides participants with a reality-based definition of good communication. Classroom/$150
The success, in fact the very existence of Georgia State University, depends on its primary customers, students and their parents, as well as secondary customers, which include employees, suppliers, and a broad range of other individuals. Learn how to make each customer experience a positive and memorable one. It’s the experience that retains students through graduation, then brings them back to further their education, and causes them to tell their friends and colleagues about the university, creating more customers. It’s the experience that creates a positive and high-performing work environment where employees feel appreciated and valued. Learn how to make the customer service experience exceptionally rewarding for you and all the customers you serve. This engaging program incorporates both individual and group activities, insightful examples and various interactions. Classroom/$75
Get 21st century ideas to age-old time management challenges. Attend this program and get a fresh perspective on time and self-management. You’ll transform your work day when you learn how to: manage your energy cycles, build a producer’s mindset, determine goals for daily production, manage multiple priorities, and prioritize for the most vital and urgent tasks. In addition, you’ll learn how to choose a time management tool that works for you instead of you working for the tool. Once you internalize these principles, you’ll become a master at managing the chaos, bedlam, and pandemonium that surrounds you on a daily basis. Classroom/$75
This hands-on and highly practical course will build your knowledge, skills and confidence to handle several types of conflict and difficult people. You will learn and practice proven techniques to maintain composure and reduce the tension with emotionally challenging colleagues. You will learn useful methods to understand the sources of the conflict and uncover difficult people’s underlying needs and motivations. You will sharpen your ability to tactfully but firmly assert your own needs and desires in a conflict, while finding ways to work collaboratively towards a mutually beneficial solution.Classroom/$150