Lifelong Learners

Provides employees with opportunities to become lifelong learners. Many of the topics may provide a competitive edge toward career advancement.

Sample Courses:


Are you an expert at something? Do you have a hobby, passion, or devoted to a specific cause? Maybe you enjoy knitting, health, music, education, parenting, antiques or fitness. Why not turn your passion into a blog for fun or for profit? If you’re passionate about the topic, it’s very likely many others like you are too. This is an interactive course where you will learn why you should start a blog, how to use social media to build your brand and increase your following, plus more. If you want to monetize your blog you’ll learn 8 ways to make money from it, learn how to connect with major companies, brands, events and celebrities, first year tips, plus more. You don’t have to be super technical. By the end of the course you will have the tools you need to start your blog and share your passion with the world.
Have you ever wondered what the top 3 responses are when somebody is asked “What do you know about YOUR NAME HERE?” This interactive course discusses the importance of identifying your professional BRAND at Georgia State University. Together, we will examine if your BRAND reflects the qualities by which you want to be defined. Does it easily identify your passions and areas of specialty? Or does it say something else? This course is for the professional who is interested in developing strategies to build their BRAND in preparation for the next opportunity that is on its way!
Raise your game! Critical Thinking facilitates breaking down arguments into their constituent parts and clarifying what evidence lends support to what conclusion. This is the first step towards one’s critical engagement with ideas. Critical Thinking also helps you clearly articulate arguments of your own. The ability to present a coherent and persuasive case for a position is a major asset to anyone. Critical Thinking enables you to think independently, make better decisions, solve problems systematically, and think more creatively. With Critical Thinking in your toolkit, you will be able to detect inconsistencies and common mistakes in reason, recognize your own assumptions and biases, identify the importance and relevance of various ideas, and reach well-reasoned conclusions and solutions.
Looking at exceptional models of customer service in the corporate world, some significant questions can be answered. What does it take to raise the level of customer service Georgia State employees deliver to internal (faculty and staff) and external (students and visitors) customers? Attendees will be challenged to determine their own customer service vision and then to deliver on this vision.
Come join new and seasoned Conflict Resolution practitioners, local artists, and undergraduate and graduate students as they network, discuss creative ways to create a peaceful community, and meet and mentor emerging leaders. As this year’s theme indicates, the various presenters will be discussing the use of art, in its various forms, to impact change and foster peace. More Information >>
Delivering effective presentations is a key to professional success. Come and learn how to overcome your presentation fears and nervousness. Learn how to develop a great opening, gain the audience’s attention, deliver a speech with impact, and close a speech effectively. This is an experiential and interactive course in which you will create and present a short speech.
Bring your Lunch & Learn the basic steps of properly managing a project. What is a project? What is a task? Learn the difference and meet your fellow GSU employees.
DiSC is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. DiSC is nonjudgmental and helps people discuss their behavioral differences. As a participant in this class, you will complete the DiSC assessment two weeks prior to this class date. The assessment is a series of questions whose answers are used to produce a detailed report about your personality and behavior.
So you say, “No one told me, I’ve never seen that in writing.” Well, the truth is, you are still being held to certain standards of professionalism in the workplace. Why not come out and learn the Unwritten Rules of Engagement!

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