Panther PERQs Plus FAQs

Georgia State University faculty staff, and retirees can earn Reward Points by attending EDWS sponsored wellness activities and events. Points are redeemable for prizes!

There is no limit to the number of points you can earn in one semester.  You may redeem a maximum of 1 item per month.
Your Reward Points total will be managed by the EDWS team, please contact them at to request your point balance.

EARN a minimum of 150 reward points to cash in for a prize!!

100 Points =  Complete a Tobacco Cessation Class (minimum 4 sessions)

50 Points = Complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

25 Points =  Wellness Wednesdays Seminar

50 Points = Complete a Wellness Challenge (Health or Weight Loss)

25 Points= Attend a Meditation Session

25 Points = Attend a GSU Book Club Meeting

25 Points= Champion a Wellness Event

25 Points = Attend a Walk N Talk

25 Points= Wellness Consultation

25 Points= Attend First Thursdays Health Screening

25 Points= Fun Fitness Fridays

25 Points = Yoga Session

15 Points = Attend a Health Fair

25 Bonus Points = Applicable to special events

Please note that “Bonus” Points may be earned and will be awarded only for attendance at special events and seminars.

Reward points may be redeemed for prizes by contacting EDWS at 404-413-3342 or email to make arrangements.

Yes, reward points will expire if you are inactive which is defined as not participating in a GSU sponsored wellness event within a 45 day time frame.

For more information, contact EDWS at 404-413-3342 or email